The CHASE Archive

March 1, 2009

This blog is a static archive holding materials previously published by the UK CHASE group. Please note that it has not been possible to keep the format and layout of the originals. This will make some of the lengthier pieces difficult to follow. If time permits then the archived versions of the originals will be adjusted to suit the WordPress blog environment. All materials here were originally signed by Mike Collins on behalf of the entire CHASE collective. There is now no copyright on these materials but if you do make use of them please acknowledge your source.

CHASE – Challenging Anthroposophy & Steiner Education aimed to inform the UK public about Steiner belief and to have the Anthroposophy movement clarify its position regarding Steiner’s racism. An outline of CHASE activities and achievements can be found at

Research into the UK Anthroposophy movement continues by a founder member of CHASE. A blog for that can be found at